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“It’s not every day you see a giant orange Triangle Man three metres in the air!” ISCA mascot a hit at Runners High in Denmark

After months of hostile Copenhagen weather, the sun broke through the clouds and lit up Zealand yesterday just in time for the Runners High at Bispebjerg Hospital. The event involved around 300 runners of varying levels and ages running a 6km route that also included a gruelling ascent up 120 steps to the top of the 24m high, seven floor, hospital car park.


ISCA attended the event in co-operation with our member, DGI, who are integral to organising the Runners High series of races. The team arrived early and set up our stand to increase awareness of No Elevators Day, which will take place on Wednesday 25 April. A race where stair climbing is the primary objective seemed the perfect fit for the promotion of an event where the intention is to get more people to use the stairs!


Before the race began, we handed out flyers and wristbands, and many intrigued Runners High participants came and stopped by the stall to find out just what No Elevators Day entails. Given the nature of the people at the event it was no wonder that many people were enthusiastic and interested in getting involved next week!


Then came ISCA’s main attraction for the day - Triangle Man (his friends call him NED) - the real life embodiment of No Elevators Day! He was a hit with everyone, from children to pensioners. Not only did Triangle Man compete in the event, he was also in demand for interviews, selfies, and at one point became the “flyer” for the Foxy Cheerleaders who were attending the event. It is not every day that you see a giant orange Triangle Man three metres in the air!


Participants were also encouraged up the stairs by motivational posters promoting No Elevators Day, given the amazing view from the roof of the car park, which was basking in a setting sun as the runners reached the summit. All the effort was 100% worth it.


The event was not only a productive one, but enjoyable for everyone involved!


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By Alexander Appleyard-Keeling, ISCA