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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Get Fit, Healthy and United Through Sport for All

Leaders Link Sport for All Closer to Civil Society Issues

50 presentations greeted over 100 delegates from 35 countries from around the world at the ISCA Congress 2007 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Congress was held at the Prince Hotel and Residences from 25-28 October. The overall Congress theme was Get Fit, Healthy and United Through Sport for All.


As the Congress was held on the Asian continent for the first time, delegates had a good opportunity to be inspired and motivated by Asian and Malaysian approaches to the Congress themes.


The Congress began with an Opening Gala hosted by the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sport. Greetings were delivered by Dr. Han Tieru, WHO Representative for Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and Singapore. Dato' Liow Tiong Lai, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, Malaysia delivered the opening keynote address. This address was followed by a presentation of an ISCA-Ollerup award by Uffe Strandby, Ollerup Principal. The Deputy Minister graciously accepted two ISCA-Ollerup full scholarships for Malaysian youth to attend the long-term Youth Leader Education Training at Ollerup's International Academy. These scholarships are worth a combined 18,000 USD.


The two days that followed were packed with academic paper sessions, round-table sessions, forums and discussions on the main Congress topics of health and unity. The concluding plenary session saw seven persons in a 'lounge chair' discussion on greater solidarity and cooperation between sport for all organizations.



Programme (PDF, 0.12 MB)

Congress documents

For all of you; dear friends and colleagues who missed the congress or who attended but wanted the material please find all the presentations and documents bellow.



An alternative for adopting active lifes. By: Zainal A Omar ,N Azah Daud & M Ismail Samad from the Ministry of health Malaysia (DOC, 30.5 KB)

Body fat percentage and level of aerobic capacity. By: K.G. Soh, K. L. Soh, Marjohan, J., Mohd. Sofian, O. F, & P.Y. Lim from the University of Putra Malaysia (DOC, 20. KB)

Cardiac structure and function responses. By: Prof.Dr.Magdy Abouzeid from Alexandria University, Egypt (DOC, 25.5 KB)

Factors that limit malaysian university students participation in sport. By: Aminuddin Yusof, Mohd Sofian Omar-Fauzee, Muhammad Nazrul Hakim from the Universiti Putra Malaysia (DOC, 24. KB)

Fatness and physical activity. By: Martina, U from Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary (DOC, 32. KB)

How healthy are universitys staff and accademians. By: K.G. Soh of the University Putra Malaysia (DOC, 29.5 KB)

Muscle imbalances induced by psychological stress. By: V. Arvind from the M.E.T.A. Exercise Therapy Center, KL, Malaysia (DOC, 26. KB)

Muscle imbalances induced by psychological stress (presentation). (PPT, 2.91 MB)

Muscular strength and skeletal imbalance (PPT, 4.81 MB)

National tennis, pathway to excellence. By: Mohamad Rahizam Abdul Rahim from the University Technology Mara (DOC, 25.5 KB)

Promoting active lifestyle through gymnastics for all. By: Siu Yin CHEUNG, from Hong Kong Baptist University. (DOC, 21.5 KB)

Socio Economic Influence on Body fat percentage. By: C.H.Wong, H.Fazlina, H. Tun & C.P.Lee of the Fitkids Club, Malaysia (DOC, 39.5 KB)

Socio Economic influence on Body Fat percentages (presentation) (PPT, 0.11 MB)

Somatotype and body fat percentatge By: K.G. Soh, K. L. Soh, Marjohan, J., Mohd. Sofian, O. F, & P.Y. Lim from the University of Putra Malaysia (DOC, 22. KB)

Sport for all and a Culture of Peace By: Marìa Jenkins from the University of Costa Rica (DOC, 41. KB)

Strapping help to reduce ankle sprain. By: Prof. Madya Dr. Anuar Bin Suun and Nor Shahidah Fazilah Binti Saad (DOC, 90. KB)

The impact of a 4min circuit training By: Malathi Balakrishnan from the Technical Teacher Training Institute in KL, Malaysia (DOC, 26.5 KB)

Womens Involvement In Sports. By: Norlena Salamuddin, PhD Mohd Taib Harun (DOC, 24.5 KB)